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Product star quality comes online to reduce spam display

In order to save time, some members think that the more and more they publish, they always publish duplicate information and make the website too much spam. Now, they have launched a star program and scored product quality. Search engines are not allowed to crawl and index the products with low quality, and do not display them on the site. Only displayed in members' own shops.

1 star: The quality of the product is very poor, and all search engines are prohibited from including the product, only displayed on their own shops

2 stars: The quality of the product is relatively poor, there is no ranking on the Wantong Business Network, and the catalog page does not display the product, only on its own shop page

3 stars: The product is not displayed in the search version of Vantone Business Network only, other sections are displayed normally

4 stars: Good product, normal recording, normal display

5 stars: The product quality is good, and the Wantong Business Network directory section is displayed first

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